Department of Human Resources for Health

The goal of the department functions is to develop a workforce that addresses the priority health needs of the Somali population, which is adequate in number, well trained, equitably distributed and motivated to provide quality, essential, non-discriminatory health services.

Under the supervision of Director General of the Ministry of Health, the Department is responsible on the following function: a) enhance and upgrade the institutional capacity for human resource for health planning, production, deployment and retention to improve performance and productivity of the health sector, b) To enhance capacity and relevance for training of health workers to provide quality integrated health and nutrition services, in partnership with  public and private sector training institutions and partners c) to provide guidance in the establishment and functionality of the national health professional council to enforce the registration and licensing of health care professional across the country in close collaboration with all health authorities in the federal member states, d) enhance the capacity of human resources administration and management at all levels based on human resources policy and procedure manual for public health servants and based on law No. 11 for the civil servants.

The department has the following sections:

·       Human Resources Management Section

·       Capacity building and training

·       Professional Health registration and Licencing

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