Ministry of health developed and adopted first essential package of health services (EPHS) Framework from 2009 and has been implementing it partially within the country by initial joint health and nutrition programme supported by multiple donors and UN organization, besides the humanitarian partners have also been implementing some basic but emergency health services in some parts of the country but in a fragmented and uncoordinated programme planning and implementation between humanitarian and development partners.

Ministry of Health and Human Services of Federal Republic of Somalia is making reform in the following areas:

  • Ministry of health developed a roadmap towards Universal Health coverage – providing guiding to all partners to commit to the universal health coverage; mainly – a) provision of integrated essential package health services, b) delivering services to all population – particularly the most disadvantaged and under-served population and c) ensuring financial protection for the population accessing to the health services.
  • Ministry of Health and human services of Federal Republic of Somalia, in collaboration with Federal Member States, and development partners – currently reviewing the essential package of health services (EPHS) in line to the Universal Health Coverage and based on changing needs and situation including improved capacity of ministry of health and human services in leading the sector development. The EPHS Framework is aimed to guide all the essential health and nutrition programmes being planned and delivered across the country by both humanitarian and development partners under the leadership of Ministry of Health and Human Services – Federal Republic of Somalia.
  • Some of the ongoing programme those contribute to the implementation of the EPHS framework in the country include:
    • a) UK-DFID supported SHINE Programme (2016-2020),

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